Difference between Land Rover Vs Range Rover

Offroad Vehicles: Land Rover vs Range Rover?

 It's a simple question, right?

 These two may not seem too different if you're looking for just any new SUV. They are essentially the same in many ways (which we will delve into). Given that they are both creations of the same brand (Land Rover), how meaningful can the differences be?

This article will delve into what makes the Range Rover line special. We will consider the Range Rover family alongside the Land Rover luxury SUVs. 


Who Makes Range Rover?

Range Rover is a family of SUVs made by Land Rover. So, "Land Rover" is the brand name, and "Range Rover" is a line from the company. Range Rovers currently make up about half of all vehicles in Land Rover's current lineup.


Land Rover vs Range Rover


Land Rover

Land Rover offers a lineup of seven SUVs within their flagship Land Rover family. There are functional differences between this flagship lineup and the Range Rover family. To keep things as simple as possible, the Land Rover line was designed as a more mainstream option for a wider customer base.


Range Rover

The Range Rover lineup, by contrast, is focused on larger and more luxurious SUVs. Therefore, the Range Rover SUVs are more expensive, spacious, and luxuriously designed.

 Remember, both Land Rover and Range Rover fall under the umbrella of luxury SUVs. Both are relatively expensive and provide more value in terms of functionality and comfort than your typical SUV.


Why Choose a Range Rover?

Range Rover is not just another kind of Land Rover. They are a subcategory of Land Rover, yes, but we need to take a closer look at the Range Rover family, which includes:


·      Range Rover

·      Range Rover Sport

·      Range Rover Velar

·      Range Rover Evoque


When you think of a "Range Rover," you're probably thinking of the original of the lineup. Simply put, the Range Rover is a classic luxury SUV. That means the typical values of:


·      Smooth, Practical Driving

·      Excellent Style

·      Ease Of Maintenance

·      Better Safety

·      Off-Road Performance

While Land Rovers do well on all of the above, Range Rover's all-wheel drive, high clearance, quality suspension, and other features make it an ideal offroad and adventure vehicle. Range Rovers also include adaptive dynamics, constantly monitoring road conditions and your driving style and automatically adapting the Rover's suspension settings.


 ·      The 2022 Range Rover Sport is a performance-focused alternative built for dirt roads, tracks, and off-roading.


·      The 2022 Range Rover Velar is the "Avant-garde" model of the lineup, with an award-winning design for its modern, luxurious appearance.


·      The 2022 Range Rover Evoque is a more compact and lower-priced alternative offering the same kind of luxurious appearance and off-road functionality in a smaller package.


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Why Choose a Land Rover?

Your typical Land Rover is nothing to scoff at, even with its far lower price tag. However, if a lower price tag is a concern, that's probably the most considerable advantage in considering a Land Rover.


Within the Land Rover lineup, a few excellent models are offering you a great ride on the road less traveled:


The Land Rover Defender is a rugged, middle-priced choice of Land Rover.


The Land Rover Discovery has advanced safety features for highways and unpaved roads.


The Land Rover Discovery Sport is much like the Discovery but is designed more for the "road less traveled" and off-roading.

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